What is ACX Prime Advertising?

ACX Prime Advertising is a huge opportunity for all ACX Members to advertise on one of the world's most visited websites:

Ad Click Xpress is a Top Ranked Website:

  • Millions of page views per month
  • Viewed by business-minded people
  • Free to VIP Top Funders During the last 10 days
  • All members can participate by simply adding New Funds (these new funds can then be used to purchase Earnings Packs)

What's the minimum amount to start using the Prime Advertising feature?

The table below called MY PRIME ADVERTISING shows the "Amount to Fund" that needs to be funded into your ACX Account in order to have your personal Ad show up or move up the list of Top 10 Funders.

If you are an Affiliate, the funded amounts can be used to purchase Earnings Packs.

If another Member outbids your minimum amount funded within 10 days, their personal Ads will show up and yours will drop off the list. Funding again will put your Ads back on the list.

If the table below shows that your ad has a Number from 1-10 in the "Rank" Column, your ad is active and should be getting views from other members already.

What do our customers say?

"Amazing - I just get signups all day long - fantastic results for the money!" Carl

"I'm so glad I found this Prime Advertising - it works great!" Bill

It's simple to become a Prime Advertiser!

Step 1: Upload Your Ad - ONLY Full-Page Ads Available:SUBMIT AD

Step 2: Wait for Approval and Current Price to place your Ad

Step 3: Add at least minimum amount of New Funds requiredFUND NOW

Click on Title/Description below to see your Uploaded Ad


Click on the Ad Title to preview your ad.

Ad TypeTitle/DescriptionAdded DateViewsStatus RankAmount To FundEdit 

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